Honest and pure coffee at home.

Look, smell, taste

This is pure and honest coffee that stimulates the senses. 100% arabica beans, harvested at a unique altitude in Ethiopia. Here, in the Horn of Africa, coffee was born. Since time immemorial it has been cultivated by farmers who work organically without chemical pesticides.

The result? Excellent coffee to enjoy intensely. Especially if you opt for Etiopika. Etiopika is the direct link from coffee farmer to coffee cup. A good thing for the farmer because he gets a fair price for his top product.

And a good thing for you as well, because the coffee arrives in Deventer without any detours, middlemen or loss of time. There, the beans are roasted according to traditional methods, using the most modern (and energy-efficient) machines. Smell, look, taste and… discover why Etiopika is an original coffee. Coffee as it was originally intended.

100% honest coffee
Not 30%, 70% or even 95%, Etiopika is a 100% honest and sustainably grown coffee. Each bean goes directly from the coffee farmer to your coffee cup, without the intervention of various parties or an unfair commercial chain that collects a large part of the profit. The beans are imported, roasted and sold at cost price. For the coffee farmer, this means a much better price for his top product. And for the local community in Ethiopia it means more money for education, innovation and development.